Radiography Services

EDI provides a comprehensive series of services designed to support your treatment plan. Purchasing x-ray equipment requires a large commitment of both money and space. Time is also required to train staff to produce x- rays of sufficient quality to be diagnostic as well as to learn to maintain the radiographic equipment. Perhaps you can utilize your staff in other areas to enable your practice to grow. Repeat x-rays may cost you money and will cost your patient additional exposure to radiation. As this area is our specialty, quality can be guaranteed.

CBCT Scan (i-CAT)

The i-CAT is a particularly effective form of imaging for the bony structures and teeth. It is regularly used for:

  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction (TMD)
  • Jaw trauma
  • Pain investigations associated with the jaws, sinuses, and teeth
  • Dental Implant – pre and post-treatment bone and sinus assessment
  • Sinus/airway investigation
  • Wisdom tooth evaluation
  • Impacted cuspids and supernumeraries

Digital Panoramic

In cases where a comprehensive CBCT Scan is not required, EDI offers traditional 2D panoramic radiographs for basic diagnostic and record purposes. The digital image is burned to DVD in a jpeg format. In addition, you will receive a printed image of the panoramic.

Digital Cephalometric

EDI offers both lateral and frontal (postero-anterior) cephalometric x-rays for basic diagnostic and record purposes. Our cephs are taken at an industry standard of 60 inches to the mid sagittal plane which ensures consistency and accuracy with growth and surgical predictions. The digital images are burned to DVD in a jpeg format. In addition, you will receive the printed image of the cephs.

Carpal Index

Used to assess growth and development for orthodontic purposes. The image will be printed and burned to DVD in a jpeg format. As an additional request, a radiographic interpretation by our Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist is available.

Optical Scanning

We are happy to provide you with time saving and high quality imaging.
EDI is providing optical scanning services for:

  • Digital Orthodontic Models /3D printed resin
  • Invisalign
  • SureSmile
  • Essix / Vivera Retainers
  • Surgical Guide
  • STL files
  • Stone Model converted to Digital STL or Cad/Cam file format

Frequently Asked Questions

When referring your patients to EDI, you gain access to our radiological reporting by one of our Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists.

The combination of excellent quality radiographs and diagnostic reporting provided by EDI presents dentists with a firm base on which to deliver diagnostic expertise to their patients. If dentists have a precise diagnosis, they are better able to provide their patients with additional information, which will assist in making an accurate prognosis. The radiology report is also an important document if previous or current treatment is under review by a third party. An interpretation of radiographs that have been taken at another location can also be provided.

Whether you require duplicates of your radiographs to forward to other practitioners or for medical-legal purposes, EDI can provide excellent quality duplicates of your original films. We will scan your radiographs to compile on a DVD in the form of jpegs.

Are you wanting a digital copy of a CBCT scan that was taken in our office? We can do that to.