Traditional Stone Models

These orthodontic models demonstrate:

  • Biting relationships and tooth morphology
  • Symmetry of dental arches
  • Tooth positions and rotations

For those practitioners who require pre-treatment and post-treatment orthodontic diagnostic models of their patients, we can provide articular mounted (SAM) or traditional (orthodontic trimmed) models. All of our models are detailed, soaped, polished, and labeled.

Digital Photography

Digital Intraoral and Facial Photography clearly shows:

  • Facial balance and symmetries
  • Lip smile line
  • Facial height
  • The patient’s occlusion; whether they have an overbite or overjet and if there are problems related to the occlusion that will need to be addressed
  • Soft tissue problems, including inflammation and recession
  • Fractures on the dentition
  • Color irregularities

Intraoral and Facial photography is an important tool to the orthodontist in the treatment planning process and is considered to be an accurate record of the condition of the dentition and soft tissues.

To see the Digital Orthodontic images closer up, click on the image of the photo montage and use the left and right arrows on your keyboard!

Digital Models

T Aside from providing you with the flexibility of options, our Digital Study Models offer several additional benefits:

  • Frees up much-needed office storage space
  • Eliminates messy, costly breakages
  • Free viewing software


  • Compatible with DolphinTM, OrthoTracTM, and other PC-based Practice Management software systems
  • Saves time when treatment planning
  • Employs real-time patient education


  • Utilizes high resolution scanning processes
  • Accepted by invisalign and all other STL compatible software

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Frequently Asked Questions

The staff of E.D.I. consists of a Medical X-ray Technologist, Registered Dental Assistants Level II, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists, and Digital Imaging Specialists who are dedicated to providing consistent, high-quality records to our referring practitioners. Our facility is equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art imaging and photographic equipment. Sending your patients to us for complete diagnostic records allows more efficient use of your staff’s time.

According to Intrumentarium, the manufacturers of the OC200 Pan/Ceph machine that we use here at EDI, the exposure for all three images is approximately 29 μSv,.

It is important to know that exposure levels vary dependant on the CBCT machine being used. According to Imaging Sciences, the manufacturer of our i-CAT CBCT scanner, the standard Digital Orthodontic CBCT protocol that we use at EDI is a 4.8 second, 0.3 voxel scan with an exposure level of approximately 37 μSv. This protocol is used when there is no specific area of concern indicated for additional evaluation by our Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologists.

Our standard Digital Orthodontic Records acquired with CBCT, when there is no specific area of concern indicated on the referral, includes all of the following:

  • CBCT Scan
  • Pathology Screening of the scan by our Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologist

Printed images of the following:

  • Panoramic
  • Lateral Ceph with Ceph analysis
  • Models
  • Intraoral and extraoral photo montage
  • Free 3D viewing software including all images named above as well as TMJ and airway images.
  • 3D promotional patient video and more!

Our standard Orthodontic Records, including stone models, when there is no specific area of concern indicated on the referral, includes all of the following:

    • Panoramic
    • Lateral Ceph with Ceph analysis
    • Intraoral and extraoral photo montage

When referring to EDI for Digital Orthodontic Records, a specific area of concern may include an impaction or pathology, a TMJ issue, or any other anatomical anomaly that requires a more detailed interpretation and additional images. The scan size would remain the same, while the resolution of the scan would be increased in order to clearly visualize the area of concern. There would be a fee increase to cover the additional work.

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