Imaging For Medical-Legal Cases

EDI would be pleased to bill Section B benefits or the patients lawyer with written confirmation of payment in advance of the appointment

When determining the extent of injuries caused by motor vehicle or occupational accidents, the importance of having access to current radiographs and diagnostic reports cannot be stressed enough. If a clinical examination suggests that there is a possibility of injury to the craniofacial region or TM joints from the accident, it is important that radiographs be taken as soon as possible to provide an accurate record of any injuries the patient may have incurred.

  • Radiographs and diagnostic reports assist the practitioner in accurately diagnosing and preparing a treatment plan
  • Diagnostic information can assist the lawyer in concluding if there is injury from an accident
  • Current radiographs can determine whether the patient’s dental health may be a contributing factor to the pain they are currently experiencing
  • Previous radiographic findings, may indicate a history of TM dysfunction symptoms. With post-accident follow up films, comparative diagnosis will conclude if the patient’s condition has declined. This allows the practitioner to determine the impact of the accident on the joints.

Medical-Legal Services

Whether you require duplicates of your radiographs to forward to other practitioners or for medical-legal purposes, E.D.I. can provide excellent quality scans of your original films.

Various formats to select from:

  • X-ray film images are scanned and saved as a high resolution digital image onto DVD (for archival purposes, this is the format of choice -the digital image can then be readily shared with other professionals).
  • Copies of a CBCT scan taken at EDI can be burned to DVD with viewing software of choice.
  • Image portfolios of CBCT scan taken at EDI with Oral and Maxillofacial radiology report burned to DVD.
  • If you have PDF’s that need to be converted to jpegs, give us a call.

We have a team of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists who offer their services in reporting radiographs. The combination of excellent quality radiographs and diagnostic reporting presents dentists with a firm base on which to deliver diagnostic expertise to their patients. If dentists have a precise diagnosis, they are better able to provide their patients with additional information, which will assist in making an accurate prognosis. The radiology report is also an important document if previous or current treatment is under review by a third party.

An interpretation of radiographs, CBCT scans and TMJ MRI’s that have been taken at another location can also be provided.